Not an outfit post (but there is camo bonus!)

5 Oct

After running around town a bit yesterday, Harry & I cuddled


Then we headed out to the dog park for the first time ever!

Harry was very excited about his first happy car ride.

EVERYONE loooovvved Harry at the park!

Dogs & humans alike!

He ran & played & tumbled. Adorable to the max.

He was pretty tuckered out from the fun.

I was too! But then I got myself invited to a Civil War history hike downtown.

I wore my camo & boots (gotta be prepared as well as participate in all themes!)

My mom had a mustache. Unnecessary to the activity but awesome.

The sights were pretty..

We ran into Abe Lincoln!

Oh & Boyfriend came along.

Not even gonna play modest. We’re hella cute.

But the highlight was the photo op I’ve wanted for years!!!

Mac took advantage & tried to commit me!!! yikes!

But I fought back!

& I won!



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